Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello world!


I'm Sami and as many before me, I've decided to start a blog. A blog about software testing.

But why a blog and why in earth about software testing? Perhaps there's something I'd like tell about the industry that deserves the attention? Something that has not been told in those numerous blogs, written by people far more experienced than I am? Do I want to rise on the shoulders of those giants I greatly admire? Or perhaps I just want to show off? Perhaps I just want to create some kind of extended CV? Humongous calling card? A reaching hand for better job offers? Or am I just writing for the fun of it?

Perhaps all of those?

Anyway here I am. Finding it out. Testing how it goes.

I've a history in blogging; I used to write a blog about my college years when the word "blog" wasn't even invented. I enjoyed it, but I really didn't have anything to say. Not really. "A blog" was just my way of letting out some verbal steam. Perhaps that's something I'm trying to do now, but with a message.

A message indeed. You have to have some level of confidence if you're about to write professional articles to be publicly displayed. They can make something good if you're indeed delivering a good message. And vice-versa. I've read some absolutely great blogs that have vastly shapen me as a tester, but I've read some awful ones too, and from those who are considered to be professionals in the field of software testing.

But I've decided to take this challenge even with the risk of falling into the latter category. My history in software testing has actually led me to this; Firstly I did some testing, pretty basic stuff with system, system integration and acceptance level, slowly growing into some more technical stuff, integration testing, even automation (which I didn't particularly like), etc. Then I was trusted with some test coordination and management duties. Did those some time and finally got to process development, and the world of software testing really opened up to me. I started to improve. Driven by this constant will of making things better I read and I read, I studied the field to the limit and beyond, participated to endless amounts of trainings, seminars and get-togethers, had the priviledge to chat with and learn from true pros, and eventually started to share too via trainings. I have to say, training is the best work I've ever done and propably ever do. Once you see the faces of those you've taught something valuable... you're hooked. In a way, this blog serves that purpose, even though I don't see your faces, dear readers. :)

But that's only what I've done professionally. I see that everything I do affects on how I do and teach testing. I take photographs and bring that level of preciseness, creativity and elegance to testing. I play chess and bring that strategy, cunning and intuition to testing. I practise jujutsu and bring that determination, focus and - in a way - honor to testing. Even the years with my better half Malin have grown me to be a better tester.

Pretty deep, huh? :)

Ok, enough with the jibberjabber. I'm here on a mission. I want to tell you something about software testing, deliver a message. Here are the first subjects I'm going to write about when I have time to do so (I'm working 9-5 too...):
  • The Basics of Testing
  • Qualities of a Good Tester
  • Test Methods & Processes
  • Test Tools
  • Test Management
  • Test Planning & Design
Or something else. I don't know. The thoughts are forming in my mind and changing all the time. I know something about ISO standards, ISTQB, TMap, TPI, etc. and I will bring elements from those to my writings, as some classic techniques like boundary values, combinations, pairwise comparison or even that nasty orthogonal array stuff, and psychological nonsense too. There might be some case examples, something about agile testing, some happenings from my everyday life in software testing. Or not. You never know... ;)

Stay tuned!

Final words I leave to one of the first pioneers of modern testing and an inspiration to the title of this blog site, Albert The Monkey Astronaut:

"Uu-aa-a-a! *gasp*"

Yours truly,

Sami Söderblom


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