Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Status update


I'm still here. In an assignment. Not able to... um... think... and... um... write blog. But things are picking up. I'm starting to shift my role from operative to strategic i.e. I start to train/coach, develop processes, support, mentor, be more visible in testing community, social media, etc. and all in all be more than just a battle monkey. A natural shift towards what I love to do.

That means more blog time too, yey! This post is just an update on the things yet to come. I have 34 articles under work, holding about 200 book pages worth of thoughts about testing:

Hello World!
Published. An introduction to my blog.

The Quality
Under work. What is quality really? How do I see it? How does industry see it? How does the customer see it?

The Basics of Testing
Under work. The very basics of testing you should know before diving into to hype.

Risk Analysis As a Guiding Light
Under work. Revised edition of TMap's PRA (Product Risk Analysis) and some speculation about the importance of risks in general. I really hate the title...

The Qualities of a Good Tester
Under work. What makes a good tester?

Community Service
Published. A beautiful story about the strenght of volunteerism in making quality.

The World Divided
Published. A story about two battling camps, the traditional and the new-age, and how they can find peace and live together.

Test Planning - Granularity
Published. The first in series explaining the nuances of test planning; How to logically divide what you're testing into manageable bits and how deep to go in this?

Selling Understanding
Under work. How to sell professional services to those who don't have the slightest idea how to buy them?

Understanding The Unwanted
Under work. A heavy weight rant about certifications and their questionable nature.

Under work. Thoughts about ratios, mainly consentrating on the tester-developer ratio mentioned in TMM, and the insanity of it.

Test Methods & Processes
Under work. Comparison of different kind of professionals, their talent and need to support themselves into methods and processes.

Testing Tools
Under work. Thoughts about testing tools and how they affect on end result.

Added Value
Under work. If testing doesn't add value, it shouldn't exist. But how to measure this?

The Peaceful Retrospective
Published. What to do when bullets stop flying?

Test Management - Team Building
Under work. The first in series explaining how to manage testing; How to build an ultimate (test) team and make it work?

Outsourcing Testing v2.0
First published and now under revision. What to consider when outsourcing testing?

Under work. What kind of education is needed to do testing? Master's degree in carving wooden penises? How about life after diploma?

The Gentle Critics
Under work. A story about collaboration between testers and developers.

Social Espionage
Under work. Creatives ways to get information about the software/system, happenings in your organisation and even your colleagues.

Test Management - Micromanagement
Under work. The second in series explaining how to manage testing, or in this case how not to.

Exploratory Testing Hands-On
Under work. How to actually do exploratory testing and what kind of means, processes, thinking, etc. is required to pull it of nicel?

Conversations - A Relationship Between Testers And Developers
Under work. I might join this to The Gentle Critics post as the subject is basically the same. Let's see.

Under work. A study about software bugs and the laws of nature when dealing with them.

The Gentle Art
Under work. How to break change resistance by applying indirect force?

Path To Testing And Beyond
Under work. A study about human behaviour when interacting with software/system.

Arranging Atoms - a story about common sense
Under work. Indeed, a story about common sense and how practically everything in testing can be controlled with just few basic maneuvers.

Under work. How different kinds of testers find different kinds of bugs?

Under work. Are people ranting in seminars, blogs, articles, books, etc. really that clever or just full of hot air?

Test Planning - Coverage
Under work. The second in series explaining the nuances of test planning; What is test coverage, how to obtain it or is there really any sense in it?

Under work. A story about cults and false prophets, and about the good ones too.

We Like To Think
Published. A story about the importance of thinking and keeping you and your brain in charge when testing.

Creative Testing
Under work. What is creative testing? How to harness and apply your creativity when testing?

Under work. A story about one of the greatest myths in testing: metrics.

Quite enough to keep me and you busy... :D

Unfortunately that's it for know. No actual article, no message, no jibberjabber, no quotes... But just you wait! If you have any preference of what I should write about next, please comment. It can be something from the list or completely a new subject. Be loud and demand!

Yours truly,

Sami "Busy Bee" Söderblom

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