Friday, January 27, 2012

Tester 3.0


Just recently my colleagues presented this idea about Tester 2.0. Tapani Aaltio even gave an interview about the subject in EuroStar TV. Go Tapsa!

In short Tester 2.0 integrates itself more deeply into the SDLC, understands it better and creates more value this way while Tester 1.0 just does it's job, doesn't collaborate, pretty much stays put and tests. On this level I'm all for Tester 2.0, but what worries me the most is that in the dark side of all this lies the will to make us all developers...

So let's talk about Tester 3.0.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exploratory Testing Hands-On - Part III


In my previous post about Exploratory Testing Hands-On I even more deepened the thought process around ET and introduced some ways of testing that go very well with ET. And now it's time to get down to brass tacks, namely introduce the actual way I manage ET with the help of management tools.

It's quite irrelevant which tools to use, but in almost every assignment I've been in HP Quality Center has been the tool of choice for the organization, and this of course has an influence on my output. In my first post of this series I stated that that many consider QC be the worst thing ever happened to a field of software testing. Of course it's extremely bloated, heavy and cumbersome to use, but even it can be used in lightweight fashion that suits ET. Those complaining that QC cannot be used in ET, don't know how to use it. Period.

Ok, time to stand behind my words then.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Exploratory Testing Hands-On - Part II


In my previous post about Exploratory Testing Hands-On I wrote about thinking and how I set myself into a certain mental state which helps me to do ET. It grew some discussion and even a vision for business. Nice!

And now it's time to go deeper, namely contemplate some of the actual methods and tricks that are often used when doing ET, even by me. Please however note that - as Cem Kaner and James Bach have said - exploratory testing is more a mindset or a way of thinking about testing than a methodology. So session based testing, pair wise testing, Whittaker's touring analogy, etc. aren't ET per se, but just means that are often useful when doing ET.

So let's get at them then!