Thursday, July 12, 2012

Learning About English and Using Condoms aka Building a Tester Via Video Games - part I


I've ranted a lot about how I feel about the world of testing today, foamed about exploratory testing, defamed bad practises, pissed people off, hopefully helped some too. All has revolved around recent happenings, fresh phenomenas, hip and cool, but nothing about the past. Nothing about the reasons why I'm here, doing the things I do as a tester. It's about time to change that.

I've decided to start a series about building a tester. Something about what makes a person to become a tester, what ignites the passion towards it, what drives this passion onwards and how it's fueled by the very basics of a human nature.

This is a story of how I was built to be a tester.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NTD2012 roundup - day 2


Day 2 round up of one of the warmest and friendliest conferences I've ever been in. Nordic Testing Days 2012, baby!

As I stated in my previous post, I missed the beginning of the day 2. Good company and alcoholic beverages are just something that makes me want to press snooze button few more times than usual in the next morning. Plus that breakfast was something else! Kudos, Meriton Grand Hotel!

Mr. Nice Guy in action ;)
Ok, I missed "only" the keynote of Rex Black, but as we seem to believe in different things professionally, I guess it's ok... ;) I had a chance to talk with Rex off-duty and it seems that he's a really nice guy with fashinating stories about his career and personal life. We chatted about testing, economics and even jujutsu. I'm quite bewildered that he travels that much; Over 250 000 miles per year!! What?! On top of everything else, he oozes character. I bet if he chooses to say I'm a girl, I will belive him. I quess you kinda have to have character if you're selling ISTQB... :D

But let's get cracking. Time dig into the presentations/workshops I eventually did participate. Same rules as before; Lightning style, headlines hold the slides, stories are my thoughts about the subject, etc.